Monday, March 31, 2014

Just a diary (Ⅱ)

Happy Birthday Mitsuki. :)
A very complicated feeling on 19th birthday. 30 March,  felt angry of everything, where are my friends? I thought I'd ask them to go out for a celebration. But in the end, canceled. Huh, that was really angry. Thus, one of a wechat friend did something stupid on me. Fxxk!
31 March, ok, morning shift, drove myself, actually accompanied by my dear mother, ha! 15-minute journey usually, but I spent 20 minutes to reach my destination. Good result for a girl who frozen her license for more than 5 months, isn't it? 
A bit sad, because 1 of my colleague had resigned. Ya, we gave some money to buy a farewell present for her, wish her had a good journey and don't forget us, ha! But what shocked me is, when I was preparing to go home, I asked what they buy for her, they hand out a yellow bag for me, with a "Happy Briday" on it (They got the wrong spelling...), Oh My God! That's lovely, but more surprising. They told me it's hard to keep it secret because they had to hide it from me and my colleague. Suddenly I'm speechless, I don't even remember their birthday, awkward! I could only say thank you, not even other words to express my feelings. Gosh, it's my pleasure to work with those lovely guys. Sometime I felt like I don't deserved it. 
Endless story of my life, I love my life, Happy 19th Birthday =] 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Just a diary (Ⅰ)

14 March 2014
 I'm keeping up the shoes that messed on the island, an Indian woman keep staring at me, and then she spoke out: "Your hair looks like a doll, I almost thought a doll standing in front of me...." Haha! What a funny!
16 March 2014
A family with a couple and two children (a boy and a girl), made people surroundings jealous. Unlikely other families, they're like friends, mother seems to be mature, while the father...errr, childish like his children. Wish I had one too.
24 March 2014
Padini was playing the song "Let It Go", ha, my favourite recently. Following the melody, I'm singing, hahaha! I'm focusing on the melody and my singing all the while, can't even realize that a customer is standing beside me, LOL! Gosh, what an embarrassed. Then, she asked me whether it's the song of "Frozen", arghhhh, more embarrased!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ssup guys!

"Hey there, how's going?"
Ya, this is what I supposed to say, I think so.
Old posts are deleted, and a new journey started, 
Stay Tuned :)